Helga's Parrot Hatch
Parrot Hatch History

More than Just a Hobby
Helga's Parrot Hatch started out as a hobby by Helga Wilson some 18 years ago. After a bad auto accident in '83 she found herself unable to work, and with lots of time on her hands. In what began as a distraction from pain, Helga spent more and more time with her birds. She always loved animals and most of all her feathered friends. She was fascinated by them.

The Beginning
Beginning with a large flock of Amazons and some Conures purchased at government auctions and from private individuals, she decided to set them up for breeding. Helga took a background in business and home economics, a love for birds, and a location in the beautiful subtropical Rio Grande Valley of Texas and produced a blend perfect for raising her beloved exotic birds.

It didn't take long!
After a few successful breedings, the birds and customers quickly multiplied. It became apparent this was no longer a hobby. A move out to the country and a new aviary on 5-plus acres, transformed what started out as backyard breeding operation into Helga's Parrot Hatch. Helga and her family have dedicated some 15 years to producing captive-bred exotic birds and they still love every minute. Helga's goal is to preserve these wonderful birds for the future of all mankind to come.

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