Exotic Birds for Sale
Macaw, Mini Macaw, Amazon, African Gray, Cockatoo, Pionus, Conure, Poicephalus
For the Bird Breeder, Bird Hobbyist, Pet Market or the Pet Bird Broker.

Baby Birds (New Arrivals)
Newborn babies, and birds less than two years old
Bonded or Proven Pair
Birds that have formed a pair bond or have produced babies
Birds Without Partners
Older single birds that are no longer babies

General Pricing Guidelines
General pricing information for birds available at Parrot Hatch

These lists are maintained on a regular basis, and should prove current,
however all birds subject to prior sale.


(956) 580-1321
(956) 458-3837 (cell)

Helga's Parrot Hatch

Discounts to Pet Shops. Free Health Certificate on purchase over $1000.
7.5% discount on single order of $2500 or over.
10% discount on single order of $4500 or over.
All baby prices are based on birds under 6 wks. of age.
All sexed baby birds. Add $35 per bird for sexing and certificate
All birds are domestic born and hand-raised, with the exception of some breeder pairs.

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