Helga's Outdoor Aviary
We are located in deep south Texas in the McAllen / Mission area of the Rio Grande Valley, eighty miles west of South Padre Island and just minutes from Mexico. Combine a sunny vacation with a bird buying trip!

Helga's Parrot Hatch is one of the few outdoor aviaries in operation in the United States today. Subtropical south Texas weather means Helga's birds enjoy year-round sunshine. A wide variety of exotic birds raised in a totally outdoor atmosphere means a bird bird raised at Helga's Parrot Hatch is far less likely to contract diseases often associated with indoor breeding programs.

Helga's birds are hand-raised with lots of room to spread their wings! While Helga's will ship birds to most any location, you are welcome to visit our aviary and pick up your bird in person by appointment. Call or write for directions to our location. Breeder Facility is closed to visitors during breeding season March 1 through September to provide privacy for birds to breed. Nursery is open to visitors all year round by appointment only.

Don't miss the photo gallery of some of our birds, including newborns!

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