Helga's Parrot HatchInternational Orders
There are several deviations from our normal policies for birds to be shipped overseas. Please read each item below, and contact us with any specific questions before ordering.

All exotic birds for export have to be weaned and different pricing apply for export birds. Please add $250 per unweaned bird to the price of the bird listed on the new arrival list for weaning.

If sexing is required, add $35 per bird for DNA sexing.

Export CITES Permit
All export birds are required to have an Export CITES permit from US Fish & Wildlife Service Management Authority. For this permit to be granted, an Import permit must first be obtained by the importing customer in their residing country & submitted to:

Office of Management Authority
US Fish & Wildlife Service
4401 North Fairfax Drive, Room 700
Arlington, VA  22203
Tel 1-800-358-2104
(or 703-358-2104)
fax 703-358-2281

Import permit must be received before the US CITES office will grant an export permit.

CITES permit forms can be found here (PDF format).

All birds must be purchased & paid for before any application for export is filed with US Fish & Wildlife Service Management Authority. There is a $400 advance charge at the same time for cost of export permits. All other charges will be billed before shipping when actual charges are known.

Export permits from US Fish & Wildlife Service Management Authority require up to 4 months to obtain. In order to obtain young pet birds, order while babies are still hatching. Birds will then be shipped as soon as CITES export permit is received or as soon as the birds are weaned & eating on their own, to assure safe shipping.

Please note that we do not accept orders for birds listed on CITES appendix #1; only orders for birds on appendix #2 or #3.

Other Permits & Fees
The following permits and additional charges are required to export:

Export Permit from Department of Interior
(Cost to importer $ 50 )

Designated Port permit from Department of Interior
(cost to importer $ 25 )

Notary fee per hatch certificate
(cost is $6) required by Fish & Wild Life Service to process Cities papers.

Agricultural inspection fee
($ unknown )

Vet fees for blood tests
If required by country of import (costs are unknown).

Vet fees for health certificate & tests
Requirements vary by importing country, and are dependant on number of birds exported. ( charges unknown)

State Vet Seal of approval from Austin, Texas
(cost unknown)

Over night mail delivery fees
(cost varies)

Clear birds for shipping at Port of Brownsville, TX

Transport charge for birds to Port of Brownsville TX

Shipping charges
(unknown, depending on country of export and size of crate)


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